Jacob Kaplan-Moss

I’m a software developer, co-creator of Django, and engineering leader. I work at Latacora and co-own REVSYS. Previous jobs: Hangar, 18F, Heroku. If you’re looking to contact me, please see the ways I’m available to help.


Simple Product Management Tricks October 20th, 2021

Three simple tricks product I’ve picked up that help me be more than completely useless when I need to wear a Product hat.

What is your labor worth? Tech compensation in 2021 October 13th, 2021

Salaries in tech are going up, and many people are looking for new jobs or reevaluating the ones they have. However, many tech workers have no idea what their labor is worth on the open market. There’s a huge information asymmetry here: employers have access to detailed industry data on salaries, but workers don’t. In this article, I’ll share a method people can use to determine the “market rate” for their skills. I’ve developed this method over the last six months, as I’ve helped nearly 100 people figure out their worth. Feedback has been that this is pretty accurate, so I’m sharing the technique here so you can use it to determine what your labor is worth.

Delegation: How to Delegate Meeting Attendance October 6th, 2021

Wrapping up my series on delegation with an example: how to delegate meeting attendance.

Delegation: Briefing a Delegate September 27th, 2021

Some managers think delegation is easy: you just ask someone on your team to go do a thing, then kick back with your feet on the desk until it’s done. Not true: delegating that way is a recipe for failure. To delegate effectively, you need to set up your delegate for success. This means explaining the work and desired outcomes, providing context, and teaching your delegate any skills they’ll need to be successful.

People- vs Results-Oriented Management: Both Work! September 22nd, 2021

Broadly speaking, there are two management styles: people-oriented and results-oriented management. Taken to extremes both styles have failure modes, but seeking “balance” isn’t the answer. Both modes can be successful! Embrace the style that comes easiest to you, while learning enough about the other mode to avoid pitfalls.

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