Jacob Kaplan-Moss

I'm a software developer, co-creator of Django, and an experienced engineering leader. I previously ran teams at 18F and Heroku. I'm currently the Principal Engineer at Hangar, and available for limited consulting engagements through my consultancy, REVSYS.


Demos, Prototypes, and MVPs 1 week, 3 days ago

Much of my work at Hangar involves early product development, helping our startups "break ground" on their products. We're starting with little more than an idea, and maybe some theories from the research, and taking the first steps towards a marketable product. I'm usually building one of three things: a …

📣 Now on Google Cloud Run 3 weeks ago

A quick announcement: as a bit of an experiment, I’ve moved this site to Google Cloud Run. Please let me know if anything seems broken. I may in the future write a bit about Cloud Run: there’s a lot to like, and also some definite here-be-dragons things. In the meantime, …

My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition 2 months, 2 weeks ago

For years I’ve noodled around with various setups for a Python development environment. A couple of years ago I wrote about a setup I finally liked; this is an update to that post. Bad news: this stuff still isn’t stable, and I’ve had to make some changes. Good news: the …

My questions for prospective employers (Director/VP roles) 9 months, 1 week ago

Last time I was looking for a job, I wrote up a list of questions I wanted to ask prospective employees. I just ran across the list again, and figured I’d share. I was looking for a senior management role (Director/VP-level) in Engineering or Security, so the questions are sloped …

IQ isn’t enough to get hired 9 months, 4 weeks ago

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for technical roles, and a pattern has emerged. In general, we reject many more candidates for social skills than for technical competence. In fact, most technical interview funnels are arranged so that technical screens are earlier. This means that if you reach an interview, you’ve …


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📌 How I Dropped 250 KB of Dead CSS Weight with PurgeCSS | frontstuff #
📌 Kore4 and Python

There’s a bunch of interesting stuff here—async, automatic ssl—but the seccomp stuff is _really_ fascinating. I wonder how hard it’d be to do this with Django? #

📌 Design better data tables - UX Collective

I really like these patterns. I wonder if there’s a good front-end library that makes this stuff easy? I tend to use django-tables2 on the backend, which handles all the sorting/filtering nicely, but the UI leaves something to be desired. #

📌 Resources for measuring cybersecurity: a bibliography #
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