Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Django meetup in Palo Alto


Ack – I mistyped the date on this page! The meetup will be Thursday, April 27th (not Wednesday as this originally said). Hopefully that still works for anyone planning to come…

Later this month, I’m speaking at the MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara, and I’ll be in town the whole week.

I suspect there’s a good number of Django users living in the Bay Area (ha), and I’d like to meet as many of them as I can. Therefore, I propose that y’all let me buy you dinner. The details:

  • When: Thursday, April 27th, at 7:00 pm
  • Where: Jing Jing restaurant in Palo Alto

(No, I didn’t choose the restaurant so I can make “Djing-Djing” jokes; I grew up in the area and it’s one of my favorites.)

If you can make it, leave a note in the comments or let me know at jacob@jacobian.org. I hope I’ll get to meet a lot of you there!