Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Help OSI

I wrote this post in 2008, more than 15 years ago. It may be very out of date, partially or totally incorrect. I may even no longer agree with this, or might approach things differently if I wrote this post today. I rarely edit posts after writing them, but if I have there'll be a note at the bottom about what I changed and why. If something in this post is actively harmful or dangerous please get in touch and I'll fix it.

I try not to get political here, so I’ll try to keep this as neutral as possible. Bruce Perens is running for a board seat at the Open Source Initiative and has asked for public support. My take on this should be pretty obvious from the fact I’ve signed the document.

Whether you agree or me or not, though, I’d please ask you to still take a few moments and learn about the debate. You may want to take a look at who’s already signed the document; some notable folks there, and some notable absences. Make a conscious decision about whether you think this is a good idea for the OSI; sign the document if you do.