Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Django Master Class, October 16

I wrote this post in 2009, more than 13 years ago. It may be very out of date, partially or totally incorrect. I may even no longer agree with this, or might approach things differently if I wrote this post today. I rarely edit posts after writing them, but if I have there'll be a note at the bottom about what I changed and why. If something in this post is actively harmful or dangerous please get in touch and I'll fix it.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m teaming up with Steve Holden and Holden Web to teach a one-day Django Master Class. The class’ll be in Washington, DC on October 16th, 2009. I’ll be covering a grab-bag of advanced Django tricks, including AJAX, REST, schema migration, testing, caching, code quality, and more. Hopefully there’ll be something there for everything.

For more info or to sign up, head on over to Holden Web