Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Shanley and my PyCon talk

I wrote this post in 2015, more than 8 years ago. It may be very out of date, partially or totally incorrect. I may even no longer agree with this, or might approach things differently if I wrote this post today. I rarely edit posts after writing them, but if I have there'll be a note at the bottom about what I changed and why. If something in this post is actively harmful or dangerous please get in touch and I'll fix it.

A few folks have asked about a link between my PyCon talk and Shanley’s writing, specifically her essay 10x Engineer, which you can find in her essay collection, Your Startup Is Broken.

Shanley’s writing (and the work she publishes in Model View Culture) has influenced and inspired my thinking about the tech industry in many ways. Shanley’s writings on tech and feminism have informed and inspired me, and have definitely helped shape my thinking. I’m sorry I didn’t directly address this source of inspiration in my talk. I’ll try to be better about making these influences clear in the future.