Short one this week, what with the holidays and all.

  • The EFF published a roundup of cryptography news from 2016, including the finalization of TLS 1.3, the continuing quest for post-quantuum cryptography, the steady march of new attacks, and more.
  • Ever wandered what goes into constructing a rootkit? Here’s a detailed look.
  • Videos from 33C3 are starting to land online. I’ve not watched any yet, but I plan to over this next week; look forward to next weeks’ linkspam for some of my favorites.

What’s this?

This is a weekly roundup of interesting infosec related links, inspired by Geek Feminism’s linkspam tradition.

If you’d like to suggest a link for a future roundup, post it to Pinboard tagged with securitylinkspam and I’ll find it there.