Back at it.

I’ve had trouble figuring out how to write about the biggest cybersecurity story in the news in the past few weeks: the GRIZZLY STEPPE report, and its follow-ups and critiques. As Brian Krebs writes:

[T]hese stories are so politically fraught that to write about them means signing up for gobs of vitriolic hate mail from readers who assume I have some political axe to grind no matter what I publish on the matter.

For me, there’s even more weirdness here given my day job. So, I’m going to roll with the assumption that if you’re reading this you probably have read enough about GRIZZLY STEPPE elsewhere, and I’ll leave it alone and focus on some other stuff.

What’s this?

This is a weekly roundup of interesting infosec related links, inspired by Geek Feminism’s linkspam tradition.

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