Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Series: Estimating Software Projects

Estimating Software Projects: Software Estimation Is Hard. Do It Anyway. May 20th, 2021

It’s well established that estimating software projects is hard. This is true, but you should learn how anyway.

Estimating Software Projects: My Software Estimation Technique May 25th, 2021

Last time, I explained that, although estimating software project timelines is hard, you should do it anyway. With that background, I want to go into some detail and share the technique I use when I need to develop a project timeline. I don’t believe there’s a single “correct” technique; this is one system that works well for me. However, my system does have one critical characteristic that I believe any effective estimation technique should have: it captures both time and uncertainty.

Estimating Software Projects: The art of the SWAG June 2nd, 2021

Sometimes, it’s more important to be able to produce a quick estimate than it is to produce a good one. In those cases, reach for the SWAG: the Simple Wild-Ass Guess. To a large degree making a (good) SWAG is an intuitive process, but I’ve tried to unpack what’s happening in that short moment and give some thoughts about when a SWAG is appropriate, and how to give one.

Estimating Software Projects: So you messed up. Now what? June 8th, 2021

You’ve made and committed to a timeline, but your estimate was wrong. The timeline’s going to slip. Now what?