Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Python VMs

Panel: Python VMs

Presented by Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Brett Cannon, Maciej Fijalkowski, Frank
Wierzbicki, Dino Viehland

Python is lucky enough to have a healthy ecosystem of virtual machines
(VMs) exist. CPython, Jython, IronPython, and PyPy are all used
extensively by people in real-world situations. This panel brings
together a representative from each of the major VMs to discuss where
they are now, going in the future, and to answer questions from the


All four major Python VMs will be represented:

- `CPython <http://python.org/>`__: Brett Cannon
- `Jython <http://www.jython.org/>`__: Frank Wierzbicki
- `IronPython <http://ironpython.net/>`__: Dino Viehland
- `PyPy <http://pypy.org/>`__: Maciej Fijalkowski Moderation will be
handled by Jacob Kaplan-Moss of Django.