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🔗 Shreyas Doshi on the hiring fallacy December 4th, 2021

Great Twitter thread with some hard truths about “we need to hire more engineers”

🔗 Maintaining a healthy work culture is the first role of every executive - Graham says wrong things January 12th, 2022

“This is the part where I say something about how more diverse teams build better products, and how diversity of backgrounds, identities, and opinions leads to better decisions. That is all true. However, in this organization we value diversity and inclusivity because that is the morally and ethically correct thing to do. That it benefits us, our customers, and the company is nice. We will do it regardless of how true that is.…

🔗 Becoming a Better Writer in Tech January 19th, 2022

Great advice on getting better at writing.

🔗 Working with Integrity January 30th, 2022

I’ve been thinking lately about what “professionalism” means. This is a great part of it.

🔗 People don't work as much as you think January 30th, 2022

“If you do not realise this, and assume that everyone who says they are working eight hours per day actually is, you are probably going to wreck your mental health trying to keep up with them. Stop it at once.”

🔗 Managing people 🤯 | Andreas Klinger February 7th, 2022

“your job is not to manage people but to manage processes and lead people”

🔗 Story Points Revisited March 15th, 2022

Feeling pretty vindicated about my feeling that study points are bullshit: the dude who invented them agrees.

🔗 Jade Rubick - What do great engineering managers need to know about compensation and equity? May 15th, 2022

Really fantastic crash course in pay systems.