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📌 Retrospective Plans - Agile Retrospective Resource Wiki #
📌 I don't ask devs to commit, and neither should you - John Ferguson Smart #
📌 Practical Security Stories and Security Tasks for Agile Development Environments #
📌 Why I’m done with Scrum | Jimmy Bogard's Blog

Matches my experiences exactly. I’ll never willingly sign up for Scrum — or any other Big-A-Agile workflow — again. Ultimately, even the best workflow can’t make up for mediocre developers, but a bad workflow *can* turn good developers into crappy ones. Instead, managers should focus on removing anything that gets in the way of developers delivering code and create an environment where shipping gets rewarded. #

📌 Pivotal Tracker

Bug tracking software oriented around the “story/iteration” model. Looks pretty neat, though I kinda wish the bullshit jargon around “Agile Software” would curl up and die; it’s just distracting and Inside Baseball-y. I especially like the built-in velocity tracking; that’s something traditional bug tracks aren’t so good at. #

📌 Stevey's Blog Rants: Egomania Itself

“If you do a rain dance for enough days in a row, it will eventually work. Guaranteed.” #