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📌 IOS Support for Kivy | Txzone

This is a really big deal: it lets you develop an app that runs on both Android and iOS from a single codebase -- Python! #

📌 Android Open Accessory Development Kit | Android Developers

Arduino + Android = Crazy Delicious #

📌 It's hard to like Android. - jerakeen.org

“[Android is] Linux vs Windows/MacOS, all over again. You gain Freedom by using an open platform, making life worse for yourself in a thousand tiny ways, any one of which can easily be dismissed, so they are. But it’s still worse.” Unfortunately, this perfectly mirrors my experiences with Android, too. I’m trying really hard to like my G1, but all it does is make me realize how much better my iPhone is. #

📌 Stephen Fry: Gee, One Bold Storm coming up….

Stephen Fry’s epic roundup of the latest so-called iPhone killers. Some great points in here about how the smartphone market is exploding. #