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📌 SPOT Shared Page API and XML Feed Information : Hosted #
📌 Battery Status Not Included: Assessing Privacy in W3C Web Standards

“Battery Status API is a browser feature that was meant to allow websites access the information concerning the battery state of a user device. This seemingly innocuous mechanism initially had no identified privacy concerns. However, following my previous research work in collaboration with Gunes Acar this view has changed (Leaking Battery and my later note).” #

📌 TapLink | Restoring Trust in Passwords

A novel approach to password storage and hashing #

📌 TrueVault - HIPAA compliant data store #
📌 catalyze.io » catalyze.io - we provide HIPAA secure backend as a service #
📌 Rails Searchable API Doc

Nice-looking, highly searchable Rails API site and app. #

📌 jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation

Nifty jQuery API documentation site. #

📌 Cloudmailin - cloud based incoming email for your web app

Receives email and sends you an HTTP POST. In other words, convert an email address into a web service call. Sweet! #

📌 Official Google Data APIs Blog: Import Scans or Go Multilingual

Holy crap—OCR via an API. I’ve been waiting a long time for an API like this! #

📌 IP address geolocation SQL database | Share your knowledge!

Finally, a free GeoIP database. #

📌 http://dpaste.com/api/v1/

The dpaste API documentation is fucking incredible: “The dpaste API: POST your data.” #

📌 MTV API Documentation Home

Goddamn: MTV has an API, and it uses Atom. This somehow boggles my mind. #

📌 oEmbed

An API for getting “embeddable” versions of content from another site. Super slick and simple, illustrating perfectly how to design an API: solve one small problem at a time. #

📌 AJAX Libraries API - Google Code

Load popular JavaScript libraries off Google’s servers—this’ll make caching and speed issues irrelevant. Still, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about ’google.load(“jquery”)’ -- seems brittle. #

📌 The Pownce Blog » Blog Archive » Announcing Pownce API v2.0

Version 2 of the Pownce API is out, and it’s extremely well-designed. I hope Leah will write about the backend-details -- this is the best Django-powered REST API I’ve seen yet. #

📌 Kayak Search API (beta) - Kayak.com

Wow, Kayak (one of my favorite travel search sites) has an API, and a RESTful one to boot! Limited to 40 queries/hour, but still sweet. #

📌 Matt Legend Gemmell » Blog Archive » Get rid of your code with Leopard

An overview of what’s new in Leopard for developers. The killer feature of Leopard is really going to be what it lets indie developers do; I can’t wait to see what Panic, Flying Meat, et al. can do with this stuff. #

📌 Google Docs Help Center - How can I use spreadsheets to answer some of my many questions about the world?

This, truly, is a frequently asked question. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished that my spreadsheet could tell me Roger Clemens’ ERA. (Seriously, for a moment: this is amazingly cool.) #

📌 TidBITS iPod & iPhone: Apple Nearing iPhone Third-Party Developer Announcement

From any other source I’d call bullshit, but it’s Glenn Fleishman and TidBITS, and seems to line up with some rumblings I’ve been hearing from inside the Mothership. Who knows—anything’s possible... #

📌 Brad's Thoughts on the Social Graph

Tackling social network portability. If anyone can solve this nasty problem it’ll be Brad. #

📌 Code++: Mobile Gmail API

Looks like a nice basis to write an unofficial Gmail client against. The article says that POST is required, but in my playing around it seems that only GET works. #

📌 Wheaties for Your Wallet » Blog Archive » Your bank has a REST API now (shhh! — don’t tell them)

Wesabe now has an API. Wahoo! #

📌 Home - Garmin Developer

Garmin’s new developer website. APIs, device communication toolkits, services... must investigate further... #

📌 Official Google Mac Blog: Google data APIs connect Cocoa developers to Google

Cocoa GData bindings from the great G in the sky. #

📌 gotAPI.com - quick developer reference for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX, SQL and more

Hey, pretty nifty. #

📌 Browser-Based Authentication

Yahoo-based single-sign-on. #

📌 geopy - Geocoding Toolbox for Python

Badass. #

📌 SIMILE | Timeline

“...like Google Maps for time-based information.” Holy crap this is cool. #

📌 Yahoo Application ID Usage Data

... because I can never remember where this is ... #

📌 Google Maps API - Sign Up

I always forget where this page is! #