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📌 iOS_Security_iOS_10_Mar2017 #
📌 Is Apple's Cloud Key Vault a crypto backdoor? http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/AFewThoughtsOnCryptographicEngineering/~3/W2Aw4IeQYSk/is-apples-cloud-key-vault-crypto.html #
📌 Counter-Forensics: Pair-Lock Your Device with Apple’s Configurator | Zdziarski's Blog of Things

“Someone would need to have physical possession to and full access to both your iOS device and your desktop computer in order to undo this pairing lock to perform a forensic extraction or any other kind of analysis.” #

📌 Introduction to Secure Coding Guide #
📌 Making Apple Cider

A complete setup. I especially like the big barrels with spigots on ’em. #

📌 Building an Apple Grinder

Classic homemade grinder. I don’t think I’ve got the tools for this so I’ll probably go the disposal route. #

📌 TidBITS Just for Fun: Immaculate Reception, or, A MobileMe Mystery

“[T]here was a time when Americans traveling abroad would regularly check for mail and telegrams at the nearest American Express office; it was their link to home. Maybe the increasingly common Apple Stores have become the modern-day equivalent.” #

📌 A good problem to have | Mike Industries

Probably the best analysis of Apple’s current position and tactics. Really, this is brilliant. #

📌 iPad Case Finder

What is says on the tin. #

📌 Mac OS X SSD tweaks | nullVision:blogs

Good notes on optimizing OS X to make the most efficient use of SSDs. #

📌 How to print from an iPad #
📌 DODOcase


📌 Time since Opera Mini was submitted to the iPhone App Store

This is a good idea: a publicly-visible counter of an app submission. Adds some transparency to an otherwise opaque process. #

📌 Nimble Design - /the/path/of/most/resistance

“Apple is doing something rather daring with their new iPhone OS. They are essentially omitting features that people once took for granted in a typical computer. And one of the biggest things they’ve omitted is the visual file system [...] The end result is that regular folks are happier with their computers and that geeks are pissed that Apple has “dumbed down” the computer. [...] I’m hoping that devices like the iPad and iPhone contribute to the demise of the visual file system. I think its death in consumer devices will lower the bar for folks who just want to do stuff and get the computer out of the way.”<br /> <br /> I couldn’t agree more. #

📌 Trees of Antiquity

Internet/mail order heirloom fruit/nut trees. #

📌 YouTube - New York Nearest Subway Augmented Reality App for iPhone 3GS from acrossair

Holy crap. #

📌 Apple's Pages and PDF | Root | Mac 911 | Macworld

Text in PDF exports from Pages.app look like ass. Here’s a workaround: it involves saving as PostScript and and converting the PS to PDF. Dear Apple: 1985 called; they want their technology back. #

📌 Mac OS X Security Update 2009-001 might break your Perl (CPAN)

Apple fucked up Perl in the 2009-001 security update. Way to go, guys. #

📌 Old-School Pork Chops with Apple and Sage | Serious Eats : Recipes

This, plus a side of sweet potato fries, is on the menu at Chez Jacob tonight. #

📌 Apple donates $100,000 to fight Prop. 8

Good for them. #

📌 Instant Cocoa - pTerm

An iPhone port of PuTTY. Now that’s what I’m talking about! #

📌 Share Apps between iPhones » All Forces

I just assumed this was impossible. I’ll bet a later update breaks this loophole -- yay DRM! -- but for now it’s pretty nice. #

📌 furbo.org · Hello App Store

Good thoughts on the Apple Store. I disagree with the notion that a higher entry point leads to better quality, but overall I like Craig’s thinking here. #

📌 Coding Horror: Why Doesn't Anyone Give a Crap About Freedom Zero?

“So let’s be completely clear: when you buy a new Mac, you’re buying a giant hardware dongle that allows you to run OS X software.” Cute. #

📌 MobileScrobbler: AudioScrobbler client for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Awesome. This is why third-party development is a must: Apple’s never going to do this in-house, but it makes my iPhone that much more valuable to me. #

📌 Mac Forums - View Single Post - No Airdisk (Airport) Time Machine Backups!

Gotta try this when I get home. #

📌 Matt Legend Gemmell » Blog Archive » Get rid of your code with Leopard

An overview of what’s new in Leopard for developers. The killer feature of Leopard is really going to be what it lets indie developers do; I can’t wait to see what Panic, Flying Meat, et al. can do with this stuff. #

📌 TidBITS iPod & iPhone: Apple Nearing iPhone Third-Party Developer Announcement

From any other source I’d call bullshit, but it’s Glenn Fleishman and TidBITS, and seems to line up with some rumblings I’ve been hearing from inside the Mothership. Who knows—anything’s possible... #

📌 Call Me Fishmeal.: iPhone & iPod: contain or disengage?

Wil articulates what every long-time Mac-head is feeling these days. I’m very afraid for the future of Apple—more than I’ve been at any other point. #

📌 AppFresh - All Software Updates for your Mac in One Place

A sane, centralized third-party software updater for Mac OS X. I’m baffled that Apple doesn’t provide this as a system service... #