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📌 Serverless Microservice Patterns for AWS - Jeremy Daly #
📌 chezerbey

Alright, I’m in love with pretty much everything about this house. #

📌 Anatomy of a Crushing (Pinboard Blog) #
📌 Infrastructure for Modern Web Sites « random($foo)

Great list of all the other crap you have to think about once you’ve written your application. #

📌 Google Scalability Conference Trip Report: MapReduce, BigTable, and Other Distributed System Abstractions for Handling Large Datasets

More details (than I’ve seen so far) on the Google architecture. If I’m doing my math right, the data given here tells us that Google has around 25 exa(10^18)bytes. #

📌 Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | RESTify DayTrader #
📌 Wikipedia: Site internals, configuration, code examples and management issues (PDF)

Loads of information about the tech behind Wikipedia. I’ve become convinced that the only sane way to design scalable systems is by studying the trials and tribulations of others. #