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📌 Integrated Space Plan - Color #

I think this might be the most incredible commercial created. Watch it in HD if you can. #

📌 YouTube - PomplamooseMusic's Channel

Whoa, these guys are awesome! #

📌 Ian's Shoelace Site - Shoe Lacing Methods

33 different ways to lace shoes. Goddamn but I love the Internet. #

📌 Train vs. Tornado. Guess who wins! | MetaFilter

This is why I love MetaFilter. The thread starts with train vs. tornado — full of awesome all by itself — but the thread soon evolves to include a detailed postmortem, train vs. train, train vs. snow, and Richard Feynman (really). #

📌 M!ханя - Нетрадиционная Кулинария

Probably the most awesome food hack I’ve seen in a long time. #

📌 Sad Trombone

Tagged “for:mccain”. #

📌 djangopony - Magic that can't be removed.

I literally laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. #

📌 ruhlman.com: Alinea, the cookbook

I don’t think I’ve ever before gone so fast from a “ooh, something I want” to a confirmation email from Amazon. Looks fucking amazing. #

📌 The Machine That Changed the World: The World at Your Fingertips - Waxy.org

If you’re at all into computers — and if not, why are you reading my delicious feed? — you need to watch this. #

📌 *Clap* | MetaFilter

Awesome. Just... awesome. I’ve bookmarked other MetaFilter threads about descendant YouTube video responses, but they were all stupid. This one is awesome. So, check it out. #