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📌 The Wirecutter | A List of the Best Gadgets

The perfect gadget review site for me. #

📌 chezerbey

Alright, I’m in love with pretty much everything about this house. #

📌 A Day in the Future | Raptitude.com

Brilliant. #

📌 Footnotes done well #
📌 It Died

Fucked Company for the Web 2.0 vintage. #

📌 Derek Powazek - 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments

Funny; we did at least 8/10 of these from day 1 of comments on the J-W. Didn’t realize these rules were so revolutionary. #

📌 The Naive Approach to Hiring People

A pretty radical proposal reguarding hiring practices, but one that makes a *lot* of sense. #

📌 The FAIL Blog

Brilliant. Subscribed. #

📌 ill doctrine: a hip-hop video blog

My new favorite video blog. A bit like Ze Frank with a focus on music -- awsome. #