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📌 1DollarScan

Turn books into PDFs—could be very useful for some of my more referency things, or as part of the cookbook digitization thing I’ve wanted to do for a while. Not actually $1/book: $1/100 pages, plus additional for OCR and such. Still a pretty good deal. #

📌 Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers #
📌 Books for Product Managers - Ken Norton #
📌 My eBook build process and some PDF, EPUB and MOBI tips - Pat Shaughnessy #
📌 » LaTeX to Lulu The Architecture of Open Source Applications

Seven articles diving into the LaTeX -> Lulu workflow used for AOSA. Golden. #

📌 Professional Book like structure with Sphinx « Lean Religion

Some good suggestions for managing and customizing the Sphinx -> LaTeX -> PDF pipeline. #

📌 Nook Features, eBook Reader, eBook Device - Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble’s new reader looks pretty slick. Supports PDFs, and runs Android for added geek points. Watch out Amazon; this looks great. #

📌 The Battle Hymn of the Republic of Letters

Brilliant. #

📌 ruhlman.com: Alinea, the cookbook

I don’t think I’ve ever before gone so fast from a “ooh, something I want” to a confirmation email from Amazon. Looks fucking amazing. #

📌 Amazon.com: Outliers: Malcolm Gladwell: Books

Gladwell’s new book has a title and a ship date. Ordered! #

📌 EnterpriseDB Book

Could be an interesting book. EnterpriseDB is a commercial distro of PostgreSQL that aims (and achives) nearly total Oracle compatibility. I’ve always wanted to look closer at EnterpriseDB; this book might be a good excuse. #

📌 ProgrammingLanguageTheoryTextsOnline < Techno < TWiki

If I thought I could actually make it through an entire textbook on a computer screen this would be amazing. #

📌 Amazon.com: Practical Django Projects: Books: James Bennett

James’ book is official! #

📌 Amazon.com: Django Goes To School: Books: Ageleke Zapis

Looks like someone beat our Django book to press. #

📌 Graphic Novels for Snobs | Ask MetaFilter

Not just for snobs; a great list of graphic novels. Some here I’ve not even heard of, let alone read... awesome #

📌 Stevey's Home Page - Ten Great Books #