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📌 stevedekorte's vertexdb at master - GitHub

Graph database built on top of Tokyo Cabinet. Young, but has an un-fucked-up (BSD) license. #

📌 Working Without Copyleft

An interesting look at the choice to use a “weaker” open source license like the BSD, and some good arguments against the GPL. #

📌 Maintaining Permissive-Licensed Files in a GPL-Licensed Project: Guidelines for Developers - Software Freedom Law Center

Important guidlines from the SFLC on how to properly relicense permissively-licensed (i.e. BSD/MIT) code. Good to see that something positive came out of the whole Atheros driver kerfuffle. #

📌 Advice on relicensing from the SFLC [LWN.net]

Really, really useful for those taking BSD/MIT/etc. code and turning into GPL. I need to send this to the people GPL’ing parts of Django; so far nobody’s doing it right. #