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📌 A Web site cannot set a cookie if the Domain attribute is in uppercase characters and has an odd number of characters in Internet Explorer 7

How the fuck does a bug like this even happen!? Man, the IE codebase must be unimaginably terrible. #

📌 stevenf.com: How to report a bug in a Mac OS X application

Steven’s specifically talking about reporting bugs in a OS X application, but there’s really very little here that’s OS X specific. Reporting bugs well is an art; those who practice it well see their itches scratched sooner. #

📌 Bug 340318 – whenever you go to gmail.com the redirects on gmail makes FireFox freeze then crash [@ nsXBLService::GetBinding] [@ js_HashString]

Watch as the reporter goes batshitinsane and starts flaming the deveopers trying to help him. This is the wortst part of woking on Open Source: dealing with assholes like this. #

📌 Odd MySQL bug - Django developers | Google Groups

Malcolm unearths the stupidest MySQL bug^H^H^H feature I’ve seen yet. Make sure to read all the way to the punchline; it’s amazing. #

📌 deconcept › Flash Player bug with streaming content and innerHTML in IE

This one bit us on the LJ redo. Man, IE leaks like the Titanic post-iceberg. #