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📌 Stephen Colebourne's blog: Time-zone databse down

The consequences of bullshit IP law at work. This is terrifying. #

📌 Too Much Joy» Blog Archive » My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement

To sum up: the music industry treats its artists like it treats its customers: like shit. This is why I don’t feel even a little twinge of remorse for pirating music. The sooner these asshat scumbags go out of business the better. #

📌 The Frontal Cortex : The Subjectivity of Wine

OK, I’m convinced: all this wine snobbery is just bullshit. #

📌 Daring Fireball: Scott Moritz and TheStreet.com's Million iPhone La‑La Land

You know, in every branch of journalism I know of faking sources is a fireable offense. Not tech journalism, of course. Why the hell Gruber seems to be the only one taking these douchebag tech reporters to account baffles the hell out of me. #