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📌 ASIHTTPRequest Documentation - All-Seeing Interactive #
📌 Matt Legend Gemmell – MGTemplateEngine - Templates with Cocoa

A Django-ish template language for Cocoa. #

📌 Theocacao: Preview of Versions SVN Client

Scott previews “Versions”—a native Mav SVN client. Looks fantastic, event to a command-line weenie like me. #

📌 Matt Legend Gemmell » Blog Archive » Get rid of your code with Leopard

An overview of what’s new in Leopard for developers. The killer feature of Leopard is really going to be what it lets indie developers do; I can’t wait to see what Panic, Flying Meat, et al. can do with this stuff. #

📌 Official Google Mac Blog: Google data APIs connect Cocoa developers to Google

Cocoa GData bindings from the great G in the sky. #

📌 DjangoKit - jerakeen.org

“DjangoKit is a framework that will (eventually) allow me to package just about any Django application as a stand-alone MacOS .app.” #

📌 Re: Dual Session Audio and Data

How to burn multi-session CDs using Cocoa’s DiscRecording framework. #

📌 CocoaDev: IconAndTextInTableCell #