Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tag: collaboration

The VPP/VPE Relationship June 16th, 2021

For an organization to succeed – to reliably and consistently deliver great products that customers want – Product and Engineering need to work well individually, but more importantly, they need to work well together. The working relationship between these two organizations starts with the relationship between their two leaders. If these two individuals don’t have a strong individual working relationship, the team relationship is doomed. This article covers what a strong relationship between the VPE and the VPP looks like, and how to build that relationship.

You have two jobs November 1st, 2017

Welcome to FictionalSoft! I hope your first week is going well? Great. As you start to find your feet, I want to make sure we have a shared understanding of what success looks like here. Apologies in advance if I’m telling you something you already know, but it’s important to be explicit about this early. You were hired to write code. Many developers make the mistake and think that their job stops there.…