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📌 The problem here is not one of competence or failure to think through implicatio... | Hacker News

“The problem here is not one of competence or failure to think through implications. Facebook know exactly what they are doing, and you can be sure the potential implications of these changes were debated at length within the company at a high level. They were taken precisely because of their implications for non-technical users, not in spite of them—FB has replaced users contact details because they want Facebook to be the only way most people can contact others online.” #

📌 How to upgrade to Django Comments 1.0 | patrickbeeson.com

Great guide to upgrading from pre-1.0 django.comments to the version in 1.0.It’s quite a bit better than the one in the docs, which probably means I should ask Patrick if I can adapt this into the documentation proper. #

📌 All time favorite comment? | MetaTalk

This is why I love MeFi. #

📌 Derek Powazek - 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments

Funny; we did at least 8/10 of these from day 1 of comments on the J-W. Didn’t realize these rules were so revolutionary. #

📌 Your watchlist (simonwillison.net)

I’m not sure when he added this, but Simon’s blog has an *amazing* watchlist feature that tracks new comments on all the threads you participate in. I don’t think I’ve seen any other blog that’s quite this slick. #