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📌 A little guide to working with online communities #
📌 rjbs's rubric: the perl 5.16.0 epigraph

“the correct response to abuse is not more abuse. The correct response to abuse is patience, correction, explanation, and an outpouring of civilly-worded disapproval. These are expressions of love, whereby we try to improve our attacker so that we won’t need to attack each other any more.” #

📌 Merit and Entrance Requirements - Modern Perl Books, a Modern Perl Blog

“I want more programmers in the Perl world who don’t look like me … not because there’s anything wrong with those things but because I like being around people who aren’t exactly like me sometimes. I like helping people with problems different from my own.” #

📌 Miscellany: Merit Isn't One Thing

“It’s time for the definition of ”merit“ to change, to expand. Given the amount of time I spend in and around technical communities, if they were not as diverse as they actually are, I would be very unhappy. All sorts of people and all sorts of merit are needed to make a coherent, sustainable and enjoyable community.” RIght on. #

📌 Perl 6

Interesting choice of a new design for the Perl 6 home page. Yes, the colors are pretty garish, and I’m a bit weirded out by the somewhat patronizing female voice being employed. However, I’m especially struck by the decision to ask people to “be nice” right up front: setting expectations of politeness right on the homepage is awesome. #

📌 Catherine: pyOraGeek: right to complaint

“The key is the right to complain safely. When complaints are predictably met with accusations of ”overreacting“, ”political correctness“, and ”intolerance“, the resulting message is: Be like us, be silent, or leave.” #

📌 All time favorite comment? | MetaTalk

This is why I love MeFi. #

📌 Derek Powazek - 10 Ways Newspapers Can Improve Comments

Funny; we did at least 8/10 of these from day 1 of comments on the J-W. Didn’t realize these rules were so revolutionary. #

📌 Brad's Thoughts on the Social Graph

Tackling social network portability. If anyone can solve this nasty problem it’ll be Brad. #

📌 Slash7 with Amy Hoy - Help Vampires: A Spotter's Guide #
📌 Advogato: Financing Volunteer Free Software Projects

Lots to think about. #

📌 Invisible Inkling » 10 obvious things about the future of newspapers you need to get through your head

Word. #

📌 celebrating life in keene, nh

Jon Udell’s latest toy, powered by Django :) #