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📌 Things UNIX can do atomically — Crowley Code!

Incredibly useful roundup of atomic syscalls (on POSIX, at least). I knew about link and open(O_CREAT | O_EXCL), but not the fcntl and mmap tricks which looks like they’d be really useful. #

📌 A Survey of Concurrency Constructs

Ted Leung’s OSCON talk. One of my favorites, he zoomed through a bunch of different ways languages implement concurrency. Chock full of links to implementations, theory, and details. #

📌 Testing Django Views for Concurrency Issues

Django, testing, and concurrency. These are a few of my favorite things. #

📌 Candygram

An implementation of Erlang-style concurrency for Python. Processes are implemented on top of threads, unfortunately, so there’s a pretty low limit on the level of concurrency, which illustrates the problems with “porting” a concept like this between languages. Still the API is relatively sane, and with some work on the underlying model -- perhaps a switch to select/epoll -- this could be a very nice addition to the Python concurrency toolkit. #

📌 Eventlet - Second Life Wiki

Non-blocking IO library by Linden Lab. I’ve heard awesome things about this; gotta give it a try. #

📌 Python Cheese Shop : processing 0.21

“Package for using processes which mimics the threading module, and allows the sharing of objects between processes.” #