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📌 Tips for the Review Process #
📌 So You’ve Got Yourself a Policy. Now What? » Almost Diamonds #
📌 leftover words: talking about sex (safely)

“[W]e need to move away from the idea that taking care how we discuss certain issues is necessarily censorship. We always choose which topics we’ll discuss, and how.... Including some topics excludes certain people, always.” #

📌 Skepchick | DragonCon Boycott Over Alleged Child Molester

One of the original founders of DragonCon is a convicted child molester. DrangonCon continues to (reluctantly) pay him—he still holds stock in the convention. Ugh, this sucks all around. #

📌 An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping – Whatever

Unfortunately, the people who need to read this probably won’t. #

📌 About CodeMash

I really like the wording and (especially) tone of CodeMash’s anti-harassment policy. #

📌 PyCon 2009 wireless network report

Sean’s report on the networking at PyCon 2009 is a great read -- funny, and packed full of information. I’ve constantly amazed at the quality of the wifi at PyCon -- conferences half PyCon’s size usually make the network buckle. Folks running large conferences seem to have two choices when it comes to wifi: have it fail, or hire tummy.com. Simple. #

📌 My Bad Habits: Good Conferencing Habits: Or, How I Learned to Have Fun and Still Get Some Sleep

Conferences are a game, too; some good tips to doing well. I especially like the “accept the first dinner invitation” rule. #