Jacob Kaplan-Moss

4 items tagged “conversion”

📌 Captricity

“Captricity is the easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to capture data trapped on paper—such as thousands of hand-completed survey forms—and convert it into digital data that can be searched, stored, shared, and studied.” #

📌 Pandoc

Swiss Army knife of markup formats. I’m bookmarking this specifically because it can convert HTML into reST, which I’ve not seen before. That means it’ll be incredibly useful for converting old docs into Sphinx. #

📌 su2stl.rb

Export SketchUp documents to STL. #

📌 XML.com: Moving to OpenOffice: Batch Converting Legacy Documents

How to script conversion of documents through OpenOffice (and a big wad of duct tape). Works with NeoOffice, too! #