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📌 Writing Python/C extensions by hand

An exploration of writing a Python/C extension in pure C versus using ctypes. The takeaway is that ctypes is slower, but easier. #

📌 Mark Finkle’s Weblog » Hello JS-CTYPES, Goodbye Binary Components

This is a pretty big deal: I’ve been using ctypes in Python for quite some time, and I can attest to how much better it is than writting C/C++ wrappers. XPCOM in particular is a total PITA, so js-ctypes should mean a bunch of new, awesome Mozilla plugins. #

📌 Pyglet: /trunk/tools/wraptypes

A tool for parsing C header files and generating ctypes wrappers. From the pyglet project, which includes ctypes wrappers for OpenGL. I’m not sure if this is tunned specially for OpenGL, but if it’s roughly generic it could save *lots* of time. #