Jacob Kaplan-Moss

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📌 2ndQuadrant/repmgr

Replication manager for psql hot/warm standby. Documentation’s a bit lacking right now, but looks pretty intuitive. #

📌 HTSQL — a database query language for the accidental programmer

OMGWTFBBQ!? This looks incredible. #

📌 Dabble DB Blog: Giving Dabble DB a time machine #
📌 Simon Willison: Announcing dmigrations

The schema evolution in Django space is really heating up. With luck we can keep the competition friendly, and pull out a best-of-breed solution to roll back into Django. #

📌 James Henstridge » Two‐Phase Commit in Python’s DB‐API

Two-phase commit proposal for Python. A bit esoteric, but this could help us crazy ORM weenies a bit. #

📌 Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool - Welcome to Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool

Diff two PG schemas. Very cool. #

📌 DynamicModels - Django Code - Trac

Fantastic information about creating Django models at run-time. I didn’t even know this was possible! #