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📌 Debian User Forums :: View topic - Etch and Python 2.5

How to make Python 2.5 the default on Debian Etch #

📌 research!rsc: Lessons from the Debian/OpenSSL Fiasco

By far the best analysis of the Debian/OpenSSL bug. No pointed fingers, and lots of good lessons for the future. #

📌 mikas blog » Blog Archive » Maintain /etc with mercurial on Debian

I’ve done this with svn in the past, but it’s a major pain (svn’s lack addremove means you’ve got to do it by hand). This looks like a *much* better way. #

📌 [aptitude] How to get a list of all installed packages? - LinuxQuestions.org

Useful trick: `aptitude search ’~i’` #

📌 Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Downloads for Linux x86

I missed it when it happened, but Oracle now offers .debs for download. Schweet. #

📌 Debian Policy Manual - The Operating System

Debian guidlines for writing init scripts #

📌 Packaging tips for unofficial Debian packages

“This page offers some tips and tricks on how to build and maintain an unofficial Debian package repository” -- does this stuff apply to Ubuntu too (I imagine so...) #