Jacob Kaplan-Moss

4 items tagged “debugging”

📌 Ksplice » Source diving for sysadmins - System administration and software blog

Fantastic article about how to effectively dive into the source to debug problems with a system in production. A bit of a misleading title: anyone who deploys open source code should know how to do this stuff. #

📌 Ian Bicking: a blog :: Re-raising Exceptions

Everything you ever wanted to know about re-raising exceptions in Python. #

📌 Pyntch - Static Code Analysis for Python

Typeflow analysis for Python. Looks pretty cool; don’t know how well it’ll work on larger projects. #

📌 ModPython/Articles/ExpatCausingApacheCrash - Graham's Project Wiki

Great writeup of *why* expat can cause mod_python to segfault. The mod_php + mod_python crashes that some Djangonauts see happen for exactly the same reason, so the debugging advice here is useful there, as well. #