Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tag: delegation

Delegation: What's delegation? July 19th, 2021

Most managers know that delegation is part of their job, but the vast majority of management texts are incredibly non-specific about what delegation means. So today I’m beginning a series on delegation to try to fill this gap. I’ll cover the principles and theories that guide how I think about delegation, ending with a concrete example: how to delegate meeting attendance. To kick things off: what does delegation mean?

Delegation: “Give Away Your Toys” July 19th, 2021

My foundational principle of delegation: “give away your toys”. Look to delegate the work you love, not the stuff you dislike or dread.

Delegation: Make Failure A (Safe) Option July 20th, 2021

Your gut instinct is probably to wait to delegate some work until you’re fully confident that the person can handle it. This is often a mistake. Instead of withholding a delegation opportunity from someone because they might fail, you should instead create a situation where failure will be safe.

Delegation: Delegate Outcomes, Not Methods July 21st, 2021

To make delegation most effective, tell people the results you want, but let them decide on how to achieve those results.