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📝 Django’s new governance model

📌 SectorLabs/django-postgres-extra

Adds (among other features) upsert (ON CONFLICT ...) support for Django/Postgres. #

📌 Squeezing every drop of performance out of a Django app on Heroku #
📌 viewflow/viewflow: Reusable workflow library for Django #
📌 A Guide to Managing Finite State Machine Using Django FSM #
📌 zentralopensource/zentral: Zentral is a substantial framework to gather specific information, filter events, trigger notification, and enable compelling automation. With Zentral's orchestration of osquery and Santa you'll be empowered by having a broader #
📌 Django Documentation in ePub Format - Pedro Kroger #
📌 PYBB Powered Forum

Neat—a Django-powered forum, complete with docs and tests! #

📌 Streamline your Django workflow — bruno.im

A couple neat workflow hacks. This is why I love being a polyglot programmer. #

📌 Django snippets: Server Side Cursors for Django's psycopg2 Backend

We should add this to Django. #

📌 Python Package Index : django-secure 0.1.0

Some bits and bobs to make a Django site more secure. #

📌 kmmbvnr/django-jenkins - GitHub

“Plug and play continuous integration with django and jenkins”—gives you a “manage.py jenkins” that outputs all the coverage and test data in a format that Jenkins understands. Looks nifty. #

📌 logging.statistics

This is a good idea. #

📌 rosarior/mayan - GitHub

Holy crap: “Open source, Django based document manager with custom metadata indexing, file serving integration and OCR capabilities.” Almost like an open-source Evernote built with Django! #

📌 versae: django-qbe @ GitHub

Very interesting. AGPL warning, though. #

📌 samastur/Impostor - GitHub

Let Django staff users log in as other users. This is going to become part of my standard kit. #

📌 CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over (CSRF: Flash + 307 redirect = Game Over)

The exploit we just released fixes for. turns out it’s a bug in flash. I’m shocked, shocked. #

📌 Django Application Conventions | streamhacker.com

Really great overview of what’s in a Django app. This is scattered all over the Django docs and *really* should be pulled into once place in the main docs. #

📌 HTSQL — a database query language for the accidental programmer

OMGWTFBBQ!? This looks incredible. #

📌 Django Admin Customization Examples #
📌 Jacob Kaplan-Moss keynote: respect the pony — Reinout van Rees' website

A great writeup of the talk I just finished giving. I’ll have a more complete version online shortly, but these are great notes until I do. #

📌 http://ihatedjango.com/

For years I’ve been saying something like this was inevitable. Glad to see I was right. #

📌 Message™

A CMS-oriented datastore, open sourced today at DevChatt. Interesting, and worth a closer look, I think. #

📌 kmike / django-generic-images / source — bitbucket.org

Generic image uploading and management #

📌 cloudkick | blog: 4 Months with Cassandra, a love story #
📌 Best practices in web development with Python and Django « News Apps Blog #
📌 Django Asset Managers

Nice comparison chart of different Django media asset management utilities. #

📌 Coupling Django Style | Compound Thinking

Mark totally nails it (as usual): this perfectly sums up the positive and negative aspects of Django’s coupled design. I really couldn’t have said it better myself. #

📌 ask's celery-hooks at master - GitHub

Very slick looking webhook implementation for Django using Celery. #

📌 "pants on fire" | Search / LJWorld.com

The new Ellington search engine, powered by Haystack, is live on ljworld.com, and it’s seriously awesome. #