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📌 Jacob Kaplan-Moss keynote: respect the pony — Reinout van Rees' website

A great writeup of the talk I just finished giving. I’ll have a more complete version online shortly, but these are great notes until I do. #

📌 mmalone's django-multidb at master - GitHub

Mike shows off how to implement multiple master/slave replication support in Django right now. Nifty. #

📌 mmalone's django-caching at master - GitHub

Some caching code Mike pulled out of Pownce. #

📌 Defying Classification: The Internet Is Not A Toy

“That’s a ridiculous number of network connections just to make a joke. ” #

📌 DjangoCon 2008 iCal Schedule - Officially Lucky, a blog by Clint Ecker

Sweet—Clint made a DjangoCon iCalendar. Subscribed! #

📌 howiworkdaily - Callcast - Jacob Kaplan-Moss and DjangoCon 2008

Kevin pinned me down and got me to share some details about DjangoCon 2008. #