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📌 Twitter / Shawn Rider: Perhaps of interest to pon ...

“The new PBS.org homepage is powered by Django 1.0.” #

📌 The Washington Times

The newest Ellington-powered site looks hawt. #

📌 The Pownce Blog » Blog Archive » Announcing Pownce API v2.0

Version 2 of the Pownce API is out, and it’s extremely well-designed. I hope Leah will write about the backend-details -- this is the best Django-powered REST API I’ve seen yet. #

📌 Covering Kansas Democratic Caucus Results at Matt Croydon::Postneo

Matt explains how he and Christian brought election results to ten sites in under two days. I’m blown away by how awesome their coverage was, and with how quickly they pulled it together. Congrats! #

📌 quiltid

A cute way of representing all those damn social networking sites you belong to. Powered by Django, I’m told. #

📌 Las Vegas Sun

Ellington-powered just in time for the primaries. #

📌 Revver Redesigns Homepage And Enhances User Experience

“Visitors [to] Revver will notice some major changes now active on the site. [...] What visitors will not immediately notice is that the entire site is now built on Django [...] which should help make the service faster and more reliable.” Sweet! #

📌 Montel Williams - Today on Montel

Daytime tear-jerking, now powered by Django. #

📌 The Fergus Falls Daily Journal - home

Another Ellington site launches. #