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📌 Dash Docsets Comiled by Me

Python docsets for Dash #

📌 Django Documentation in ePub Format - Pedro Kroger #
📌 JavaScript Garden

Another great example of good documentation usability -- check out the navigation. The context-aware navigation seems to be becoming common with JS docs, and it’s awesome. #

📌 Writing Vim Plugins / Steve Losh

Linked not because I care much about writing Vim plugins but because as documentation this rocks. Notice especially the sticky headers as you scroll—want to steal. #

📌 Conference organiser's handbook #
📌 Rails Searchable API Doc

Nice-looking, highly searchable Rails API site and app. #

📌 jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation

Nifty jQuery API documentation site. #

📌 Open Help Conference

Holy crap an entire conference on documentation. #

📌 Django Application Conventions | streamhacker.com

Really great overview of what’s in a Django app. This is scattered all over the Django docs and *really* should be pulled into once place in the main docs. #

📌 Professional Book like structure with Sphinx « Lean Religion

Some good suggestions for managing and customizing the Sphinx -> LaTeX -> PDF pipeline. #

📌 Unit Testing Guidelines — pylonshq v0.0 documentation

Pylons’/Pyramid’s new unit testing guidelines. *Very* good stuff here. #

📌 Ruby QuickRef #
📌 A Standard for Open Source Code Documentation [Alex Reisner]

A nice outline for how open source code documentation might be organized. I’m less than convinced that there needs to be a “standard,” but as a sort of conceptual framework for organizing docs this does a great job. #

📌 Pandoc

Swiss Army knife of markup formats. I’m bookmarking this specifically because it can convert HTML into reST, which I’ve not seen before. That means it’ll be incredibly useful for converting old docs into Sphinx. #

📌 How Great is Django's Documentation?

We rock, and now I’ve got statistics to prove it. #

📌 Doug Hellmann: Writing Technical Documentation with Sphinx, Paver, and Cog

A complete documentation workflow (including several different HTML outputs along with PDF) built around Sphinx. #

📌 Quick-R: Home Page #
📌 How to upgrade to Django Comments 1.0 | patrickbeeson.com

Great guide to upgrading from pre-1.0 django.comments to the version in 1.0.It’s quite a bit better than the one in the docs, which probably means I should ask Patrick if I can adapt this into the documentation proper. #

📌 Your automatically generated APIdoc is not a replacement for real documentation - The Gay Bar

Word. #

📌 Proven Corporation » Blog » Sphinx Templates

Some nice notes on how the Sphinx templates are laid out. #

📌 Revision 59590: /doctools/trunk

The new toolchain for the Python docs. Lots of smart stuff going on in here. #

📌 XML.com: Moving to OpenOffice: Batch Converting Legacy Documents

How to script conversion of documents through OpenOffice (and a big wad of duct tape). Works with NeoOffice, too! #

📌 PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.2: The Statistics Collector

Info about Postgres’ stats collector and associated views. I just discovered the pg_stat_user_tables and pg_stat_user_indexes views which are amazingly helpful. #

📌 pydoctor

YA python to API doc tool. But this one’s by mwh, so it’s likely a cut above. #