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Dojo gets a manual December 23rd, 2005

Since my last post hit the Dojo folks pretty hard for the lack of documenation, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that they now have a manual online. It’s far from complete at this point, but it covers most of the basics and it’s been really enjoyable to read through. I’d certainly say that huzzahs are in order.

Django, meet Dojo December 19th, 2005

After hearing some rave reviews of Dojo on django-dev, I finally got around to checking it out today. Here are my thoughts (with an obvious focus towards) using Dojo with Django). The good Dojo is extremely powerful. With very little code I was able to make a really nice drag-and-drop reorderable table, complete with nice zebra striping and add/remove row buttons. (Wilson and I are working on a new kick-ass interface for Django’s “edit_inline” admin views, if anyone cares.…