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📌 Dan Born - multicd

Perfect -- this is exactly the backup system I was looking for! #

📌 tovid forums

Discussing tovid, the video disc authoring suite #

📌 tovid -- dvd authoring from arbitrary video

tovid is a suite of utilities designed to make VCD, SVCD, and DVD authoring a little less painful. tovid can create MPEG output from arbitrary video formats; other components in the suite can help you identify video files, generate graphical menus for DVD #

📌 SLUG_Wiki: AviToVob

Seems to work fairly well for me #

📌 DVD Authoring Primer #
📌 Howto author AVI->DVD with menus using Linux #
📌 Linux DVD writing frontends (PDF) #
📌 Linux DVD writing software (PDF) #
📌 Region code hacks for my DVD player #