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📌 Nimbostratus #
📌 Andrew's Blog - Password Cracking on Amazon EC2 #
📌 EC2 and Ubuntu - Alestic.com

More Ubuntu AMIs, with more options than the official AMIs. #

📌 EC2StartersGuide - Community Ubuntu Documentation

Official Ubuntu (8.04 and 9.10) AMIs. #

📌 Amazon Web Services Blog: 100% on Amazon Web Services: Soocial.com

A look at one app’s AWS architecture. Nginx, HAProxy, Rails, pgpool II, PostgreSQL, and RabbitMQ. I didn’t realize that pgpool II did sharding at the balancer layer; that makes this kind of set up much easier. #

📌 Amazon Web Services Blog: Big Day for Amazon EC2 #
📌 RightScale Dashboard Demo

Amazing-looking dashboard/GUI for AWS/EC2. I gotta give this a try. #

📌 AmazonEC2 - Hadoop Wiki

Hadoop + EC2 FTW! #

📌 Amazon Web Services Developer Connection : Monster Muck Mashup - Mass Video Conversion Using AWS

Holy freaking crap this is cool. #