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📌 Too Much Joy» Blog Archive » My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement

To sum up: the music industry treats its artists like it treats its customers: like shit. This is why I don’t feel even a little twinge of remorse for pirating music. The sooner these asshat scumbags go out of business the better. #

📌 Facebook's valuation (in Whoppers)

Facebook is worth 750 million Whoppers. Sounds a bit high to me. #

📌 The Money Meltdown

Really good roundup of links to info about what the fuck’s going on. #

📌 YouTube - Principles of economics, translated

Wonderfuly funny, and sadly accurate. #

📌 Blogging For Dollars: Denton to pay bloggers based on traffic

Ignore the snarkiness of leaking an internal memo about leaking internal memos and read Nick’s plan for paying bloggers for performance. I’d suggest doing something similar for bonafide journalists, but I’d probably get lynched. #

📌 Bruce Schneier Blazes Through Your Questions - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

Required reading this AM. #

📌 O'Reilly Radar > Free Downloads vs. Sales: A Publishing Case Study

Important reading for anyone publishing or writing a technical book: “there is little sign that the free downloads hurt sales.” #