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📌 "pants on fire" | Search / LJWorld.com

The new Ellington search engine, powered by Haystack, is live on ljworld.com, and it’s seriously awesome. #

📌 Kansas Primary 2008 recap at Matt Croydon::Postneo

Matt’s been working on the JW’s election coverage for a few years now, and it’s getting *really* slick. To me, though, the most interesting part is in how Matt’s been able to track down clueful people at Douglas County and the Secretary of State; having a quick and clean source of data makes this process much, must easier. It strikes me that there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between Matt cultivating these relationships and a “traditional” journalist’s cultivation of sources. #

📌 The Washington Times

The newest Ellington-powered site looks hawt. #

📌 Covering Kansas Democratic Caucus Results at Matt Croydon::Postneo

Matt explains how he and Christian brought election results to ten sites in under two days. I’m blown away by how awesome their coverage was, and with how quickly they pulled it together. Congrats! #

📌 UpstateToday.com - Upstate South Carolina's leading news and information web site | The Daily Journal, Daily Messenger, Upstate Lake Living, Golden Corner Shopper

Yet another Ellington-powered site, this one on our new hosted services platform. #

📌 The Santa Barbara Independent

Another new Ellington site launches. #

📌 Lawrence Journal-World / Lawrence & Douglas County Progress 2007

Catch a sneak peak at the new design of ljworld.com. Launching site-wide this week, Murphy willing. #

📌 Joyeur: The 10% "rule" for infrastructure costs

If he’s right, I think we’re spending far to little on Ellington. #