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A reading list for new engineering managers May 2nd, 2018

Like many engineers, I got thrown into management without any real guidance. I thought management was just telling people what to do. I thought there wasn’t any real science to it; you just needed to feel your way through it. I was wrong: there’s a whole field of study here, and you can learn a lot by, you know, studying! This is the reading list I wish I’d been given as a new engineering manager.…

The Innovation/Execution Spectrum February 18th, 2020

Lately I’ve been working with our startups to establish their engineering strategies. One model I’ve found useful is to place their technical challenge on an innovation/execution spectrum.

Designing Engineering Organizations January 5th, 2021

How should you structure a larger engineering organization, one with dozens (or hundreds) of engineers? There are many tradeoffs to consider, and no single right answer. But, there are some structures that work better than others.

The VPP/VPE Relationship June 16th, 2021

For an organization to succeed – to reliably and consistently deliver great products that customers want – Product and Engineering need to work well individually, but more importantly, they need to work well together. The working relationship between these two organizations starts with the relationship between their two leaders. If these two individuals don’t have a strong individual working relationship, the team relationship is doomed. This article covers what a strong relationship between the VPE and the VPP looks like, and how to build that relationship.

Simple Product Management Tricks October 20th, 2021

Three simple tricks product I’ve picked up that help me be more than completely useless when I need to wear a Product hat.

🔗 Shreyas Doshi on the hiring fallacy December 4th, 2021

Great Twitter thread with some hard truths about “we need to hire more engineers”

DORA Metrics: the Right Answer to measuring engineering team performance June 17th, 2022

“What metrics should I use to measure my engineering team’s performance?” Believe it not, there is a Right Answer: the so-called DORA metrics.