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📌 Into the symmetry: CSRF in Facebook/Dropbox - "Mallory added a file using Dropbox"

A variation of the a classic OAuth vulnerabilty. These shorts of things are depressingly common, and this is why people sometimes talk about OAuth itself as being insecure. #

📌 New and improved two-factor lockout recovery process - GitHub Engineering #
📌 YubiKey & FIDO U2F Protect Facebook Users… Like! | Yubico #
📌 The problem here is not one of competence or failure to think through implicatio... | Hacker News

“The problem here is not one of competence or failure to think through implications. Facebook know exactly what they are doing, and you can be sure the potential implications of these changes were debated at length within the company at a high level. They were taken precisely because of their implications for non-technical users, not in spite of them—FB has replaced users contact details because they want Facebook to be the only way most people can contact others online.” #

📌 The Social Graph is Neither (Pinboard Blog)

Maciej explains, far better than I ever could, why I don’t have a Facebook or G+ account. And never will. #

📌 Facebook's valuation (in Whoppers)

Facebook is worth 750 million Whoppers. Sounds a bit high to me. #

📌 Python - F8

PyFacebook -- Python wrapper for the Facebook API. Uses Django by default. #