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📌 Mac OS X SSD tweaks | nullVision:blogs

Good notes on optimizing OS X to make the most efficient use of SSDs. #

📌 Nimble Design - /the/path/of/most/resistance

“Apple is doing something rather daring with their new iPhone OS. They are essentially omitting features that people once took for granted in a typical computer. And one of the biggest things they’ve omitted is the visual file system [...] The end result is that regular folks are happier with their computers and that geeks are pissed that Apple has “dumbed down” the computer. [...] I’m hoping that devices like the iPad and iPhone contribute to the demise of the visual file system. I think its death in consumer devices will lower the bar for folks who just want to do stuff and get the computer out of the way.”<br /> <br /> I couldn’t agree more. #

📌 Mac OS X Internals: The Blog » Blog Archive » VeryBigFS: All You Can Read

Neat hack to help check how your code handles a *huge* file (512TB). I’m happy to report that Django happily streamed this into /tmp until my hard drive filled up, and then exited gracefully. #

📌 PostgreSQL warm standby on ZFS crack - Esoteric Curio

Pretty amazing technique: use ZFS to allow read/write against WAL-shipped warm standby PostgreSQL databases. ZFS FTW! #

📌 Isilon Systems

A networked storage appliance on top of BSD. Looks pretty sane. #

📌 Unipath

Treat paths as objects, not strings. Even better than Jason’s path.py, and there’s even a chance this one’ll end up in Python’s stdlib. #

📌 ZFS at OpenSolaris.org #