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📌 Thoughts from the Field - Issue #9 - What is Your First Team?| Blog | The Table Group

“Executive teams are comprised of leaders from various functions – e.g. operations, sales, marketing, technology, human resources, finance – who are often more concerned about what’s going on in their own area than how the executive team as a whole is performing. Surprisingly, this is natural and something we often see in our consulting work. To explore this idea, I always pose this question to executive team members, ”Which team is your first priority, your Team #1?“ Unfortunately, the answer is not always easy to admit. But, if you really want to ensure your leadership team is working as cohesively and effectively as possible, the question can’t be ignored or glossed over. Because most members serve on two teams that are both important (the team they lead and the team they are a member of), they need to prioritize their leadership team (Team #1) first, for the good of the organization.” #