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📌 Doc Searls Weblog · What if Flickr fails?

I’m really, really scared about this, too. I’m hoping that someone steps up to do what pinboard.in did for delicious, but it’s quite a bit of a harder problem. #

📌 Connected Flow - Viewfinder: Flickr search tool

Download photos from Flickr directly into Keynote. This is going to save me mad time. #

📌 Please don't divorce...

An emotional argument against Prop 8. I wish I could force every person opposed to civil rights for gays to sit through this and see what hell their work hath wrought. #

📌 Flickr's Burning Man Map Uses Open Street Map - O'Reilly Radar

Radar covers the Flickr/BurningMan/OSM collaboration. I happen to know that this uses the GIS add-on to a certain popular web framework; I expect to hear more about that side of things at DjangoCon. #

📌 Flickr: The 700 Hoboes Pool

Yes, the Flickr illustrator community has drawn all 700 (and then some) of Hodgeman’s 700 hobo names. #

📌 Kitchen Soap » Blog Archive » Slides from ‘Capacity Planning for LAMP’ talk at MySQL Conf 2007 #
📌 [this is aaronland] Imagine it : Baconmelon

Gotta play with this someday #

📌 Meaning - About Merkitys-Meaning

Meaning is one click publishing from your phone to your Flickr account. #

📌 Flickr "words" #