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📌 Looking for awesome hip-hop mashups | Ask Metafilter

Holy crap, I hit the motherlode. #

📌 The Naive Approach to Hiring People

A pretty radical proposal reguarding hiring practices, but one that makes a *lot* of sense. #

📌 kleptones bestival 2007 download

Yay new Kleptones! #

📌 maemo.org - HildonDesktopPortability

One guide to getting Maemo running on a standard Ubuntu. Gotta give this a try. #

📌 This American Life: 110: Mapping

I’d forgotten about this episode (from late 1998) until it was re-run this weekend. Very apropos to the current amateur cartography craze. The first act is especially wonderful #

📌 Kansas State Campaign Finance

KS campaign finance disclosure data. #

📌 NBI ASCII Files - Bridge - FHWA

National Bridge Inventory data from the FHA. 2000-2006 data; incredibly clean. #

📌 List of sex positions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From a hilarious discussion about the “appropriateness” of Wikipedia’s content came this. Funny for about seven different reasons -- not the least of which is how amazingly unsexy Wikipedia manages to make sex. #

📌 iPhone Root Password Cracked - Hackint0sh

Not (even close to) a fully hacked (read: functional) iPhone, but this is how it always begins. #

📌 Home - Garmin Developer

Garmin’s new developer website. APIs, device communication toolkits, services... must investigate further... #

📌 Efficient SQL

Greg Mullane’s complete talk on optimizing postgresql. Looks like a few things have changed since 2003 (7.3 --> 8.2), but this still seems *very* relevant. #

📌 EXPLAIN plan Operators

Ridiculously in-depth explanation of what PostgreSQL means when you ask it to EXPLAIN. This is probably the only place this information lives. #

📌 pythong.org.

These guys have some interesting ideas about Python Packaging. #

📌 Unipath

Treat paths as objects, not strings. Even better than Jason’s path.py, and there’s even a chance this one’ll end up in Python’s stdlib. #

📌 Quick Django Benching :: SuperJared.com

A simple but powerful benchmark of Django served with mod_python, nginx, and lighttpd. Interesting, but not particularly surprising results. #

📌 Django profiling with hotshot and kcachegrind

Whoa, cool! #

📌 tfclassify - Trac

A document classification algorithm. Wonder if it would be useful for classifying stories... #

📌 Joyeur: The 10% "rule" for infrastructure costs

If he’s right, I think we’re spending far to little on Ellington. #

📌 Many Eyes

Swivel gets some (awesome looking) competition. #

📌 Onlife

“...observes your every interaction with app ... then creates a personal shoebox of all the web pages you visit, emails you read, documents you write and much more.” #

📌 Regret the Error: Advances in online corrections

A great roundup of how online newspapers handle corrections. We’ve got a few things we could learn from these ideas. #

📌 Duking It Out for a Houseful of Smiles - New York Times

Event the NYT disses the PS3: "In fact, if you are anything other than a complete Sony fanboy ... go ahead and forget about the PlayStation 3 this year. Even if you find one, the overhyped PS3 does not deliver an entertainment experience commensurate with #

📌 DjangoAMF_en - Django AMF

“Django AMF is a Middleware for Django web framework written in Python. It enables Flash/Flex applications to invoke Django’s view functions using AMF(Action Message Format).” #

📌 NowInStock.net - Knowing When and Where

Email alrets when the Wii gets in stock... #

📌 marxy's musing on technology: django on windows mobile 5

Awesome—Django on a PDA #

📌 Created by Camtasia Studio 3

A very well done screencast introducing Django. #

📌 The One That's Not About Music: The Daily Dbase | texasgigs.com

Mike’s spin on database journalism. It’s a great look at the same stuff Adrian’s been talking about the the point of view of a (mostly) non-geek. Why can’t all our clients be this cool? #

📌 Merquery Summer of Code Results - brian's blog

Brian’s writeup on his SoC project (that I’m mentoring). Hopefully he’ll get around to the TODOs in the next week :) #

📌 http://www.network-voice.com/oscon/

Files from the OSCON Asterisk tutorial -- *great* stuff. #