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📌 Montel Williams - Today on Montel

Daytime tear-jerking, now powered by Django. #

📌 Lawrence Journal-World / Lawrence & Douglas County Progress 2007

Catch a sneak peak at the new design of ljworld.com. Launching site-wide this week, Murphy willing. #

📌 BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

“A pine cone shortage may have led the squirrels to seek other food sources, although scientists are sceptical [sic].” #

📌 marxy's musing on technology: django on windows mobile 5

Awesome—Django on a PDA #

📌 Created by Camtasia Studio 3

A very well done screencast introducing Django. #

📌 ABS-CBN Interactive

“His impressive streak, however, came under threat from Germany’s Ortmann, who was also unbeaten in four games before facing Django.” #