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📌 Track and Facilitate Your Engineers’ Flow States In This Simple Way | First Round Review #
📌 d3.js

Really good-looking visualization library. #

📌 Monk project skeletons

Neat idea: project skeletons in Monk are just Git repositories that get cloned when you start a new project. Would be a *great* idea for Django app/project templates. #

📌 Scrapy – Trac

Interesting: “an open source web crawling and screen scraping framework written in Python.” #

📌 Farmdev: What Makes Pylons Stand Out As a Web Framework

A really good summary of what’s good about Pylons. I’m glad to see that the recent 0.9.7 release adds “documentation” to the list; all too often, poor or missing documentation cripples an otherwise good chunk of code. #

📌 SitePen Blog » Reinhardt: a Client-side Web Framework

Django-inspired client-side we framework based on Dojo. I could see this general idea being pretty useful, though the weakness of JavaScript regexes (no named patterns) and function dispatch (no named parameters, only anonymous objects) makes the URL dispatch pretty weak. #

📌 g :: A Simple Plugin Framework

Marty implements a plugin architecture in six (brilliant) lines of code. #

📌 Django-fr | Le Framework Web python pour les perfectionnistes

The “official” (well, as official as it gets) version of the Django site. #